3 Reasons That Put Glass Ahead

Glass Advantage 

Glass has that one, unique advantage over any other splashback material.

Glass can be used for just any application or need and without any limitations.

Having said that, you can also enjoy the comfort of choosing your favourite colour to complement your overall interior design. And 3rd but not last, glass will always keep its value, look fashionable and beat timely trends, or at least – stay with them, and you.

Adding glass to your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, walk-in pantry, bar or anywhere else, you can’t go wrong, except, you don’t.

Glass Splashbacks


Glass is another smart choice over tiles, and – glass adds an incredible portion of style to your kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc., which any visitor to your home or office will envy you for. The only limitation a quality RiverCity Splashback glass splashback will need to bare is, your level of imagination.



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