FAQs & Advice

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and advice.

Safety is at the heart of all of our business processes, we would therefore be grateful if you could take a few moments to read the advice below

What Type of Glass Do You Use?

Your splashback is made in 6mm low toughened glass. All splashbacks are heat proof  and can be used behind hobs and cookers the only exception being mirrored splashbacks which can be used in kitchens however should not be used behind hobs..   We can match any Dulux colour. Simply choose one of our Dulux colours or tell us the make of paint and the name of the selected paint.  We only use toughened low iron glass in all splashbacks that we supply unlike some of our competitors who use standard float glass. Normal float glass can distort the image or colour as the iron content gives a slight green appearance to the glass. Low iron glass gives a much sharper colour and image and therefore a better appearance. All splashbacks are polished, this is where the edge of the glass has been machined in order to give a smooth surface to the edge of the glass.

The glass can be cleaned with normal household window cleaner or warm soapy water. Please avoid using degreaser on the glass, acrylic or nikpol as it will leave smudge marks.