Our Acrylic Splashback designs can transform your kitchen into a modern clean and elegant space that will be a joy to cook in. Our Acrylic range will create a new shine to your kitchen.

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Imagine a shower recess without scum or mouldy grout, just an elegant, modern colour finish! RiverCity Splash Back covers the walls of your shower recess with our stylish, cost-effective and hygienic bathroom acrylic panels.

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An often neglected part of the house, your laundry will feel fresh and amazing with an Acrylic splashback. Acrylic is a great alternative to tiles and is much easier to keep clean. Your space will come alive with a splashback.

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Rivercity Splashbacks are the leaders in custom splashbacks.

We measure, cut, manufacture, supply and install your splashback to fit your exact requirements. 
We delivered just as many Do-It-Yourself job material, nation wide.

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